According to Khamit Kinks this look is inspired by the images on the pyramids. The back of the head which was layers of cornrow with these beads, this style took 32 hours (the model’s hair was exceptionally thick), The beads in these pics are made primarily in Czechoslovakia. 


All Styled by Khamit Kinks

I want to try one of these styles on my hair this is different.

What do you all think about these styles?

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Jul 25, 2014

I’d like to bead my hair, but the holes in some of these beads are too small. where can i find beads with larger holes

Nov 15, 2011

>The first one seems impossible and amazing at the same time. The second is really cute and stylish. The last one is not exactly my favorite…just a little too throw back in my opinion. I say go for the second :)