This style is so cool for any event! Love it!

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Feb 16, 2017

Jeg bruger cremen, og den tørrer fint ind på min tørre hud. Der er også en lotion der er lettere og en decideret fedtcreme. Så der er flere muligheder :) Og nej, ingen parfume!

kreditanfrage anonym
Feb 08, 2017

Hi Renee – Woohoo! I hope he does get a slot in the Celebrity Theatre. When he comes out on stage I'm picturing a scene reminiscent of fans greeting the Beatles! Screaming women everywhere!

Jun 05, 2016

Chloe these shots are stunning, what an incredible wedding with so many beautiful DIY details. I just have to say the photo of the little girl being lifted over the puddle is really special, what a perfect capture.